Cyprus Wine Encounters


Call of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean
*EvoinoEcounters, scaling wine discussions for transformative impact
A journey of wine,
to be experienced as a formidable epic.

After decades of entrepreneurial initiatives focused on quality from grape and soil knowledge and investing in winemaking, Cyprus wine-producing regions can today boast of distinct regional expression and representative character.

The culture of wine has shaped mankind and the way we live;

Across the Ages and across the world, whether mythical, sacred, religious or magical, the culture of wine has been a source of inspiration in both past and present – a continued effort that today expresses itself as an intoxicating blend, the essence of the Eastern Mediterranean.

The mountains, slopes and valleys were covered in vines. Families grew grapes as a matter of course. This, more a way of life than a profession, was passed down through the generations from grandfather to father to son. The inaccessible, steeper vineyards were worked with the use of donkeys. Grapes were used to make wine, for eating, to make raisins or for some of the delicious, sweet by-products they make from grape syrup. The remainder was distilled to make Zivania, the national Cyprus spirit*

After decades of investing in quality and characteristic winemaking; from improved grape and soil knowledge, Cyprus wine-producing regions can boast of regional distinctiveness. The EvoinoEcounters is an initiative that scales up dialogues with guest wine personalities related to Cyprus, wanting to added their view points to impact transformation where it may be occurring. A discussion that brings themes and viewpoints into the open, the particular and the personal around the wine sector


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