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Inspiration hits the viticultural shores of the Eastern Mediterranean

Originality consists of returning to the origin.
Nothing is invented, for it's written in nature first - Gaudi

It’s the kind of inspiration that has us lean upon the art of looking and the art of building,  ultimately and much like appreciation for works of architects and artists, we’re always keen to furthering our understanding of what engages the senses.

evoinoencounters - call of cyprus wine

Engaging Conversationalist Left, Adam. Right, winemaker S. Vlassides

Wine sits today, as a connector between ecosystems and designers, sometimes compounded over the ages building a meaning, and sometimes in need of some reinterpretation; for the opportunity is about being both communicative and expressive.

This essentially is the backdrop to the desire of both, that of a re-emerging Cyprus wine sector and an avid interest by wine writer Adam Montefiore, to join us in a 4-day visit to Cyprus Vineyards.

For too long, Mr. Montefiore has been writing about our shared Eastern Mediterranean origins, yet neither wine cultures, that of the mainland and the island’s, have entertained meeting each other at great length. Admittedly, we’ve all been more inclined to look farthest west, justified then by a flourishing industrial past, bound to market tyranny of volumes and established trade routes.

Its happened to the most of us, the surprise to realize that Cyprus today sits at ease, as 50th world producer of wine, a reality that’s taken almost 2 decades to transcend. This drastic drop of production, from 70 million kg of fruit, to barely 12 million these days, has had at least one benefit, that of enabling quality to resurface. In local terms, you know the sector has also made a change, when white grape Xynisteri production finally surpasses Mavro red grape, completing an inversion of proportions in 15 years.

A. Montefiore inspecting Maratheftiko Vineyard

All-road wine adventurer. A. Montefiore inspecting Maratheftiko Vineyard

In essence… a white wine driven wine sector, more characterful red grape vinifications, leading smaller producers, mountain viticulture, recuperating endemic varieties… a compendium of signals amidst our conversations, inexcusable not to make a push and the drive, to fulfill the desire of hosting Adam Montefiore on Cyprus viticultural shores come to a reality.

Thus, this past month, our joint collaboration with partner Ambassador Wineries, the trade & tourism offices of the Cyprus Embassy in Israel and the generous hospitality provided by Annabelle by Thanos Hotels, we’ve come to feel that the 800 km Wine country tour, did enable us to fill the knowledge gap and a long awaited renewal of relations between Cyprus Winemakers with a very appreciative and always curious guest in the person of Adam Montefiore from Israel.

For us, such an honor, and a worthy excuse to push further the envelope for a more cohesive wine region that is the Eastern Mediterranean.

Upcoming: EvoinoEncounters – The Cyprus Wine Trade engagement with Adam Montefiore. A 800 km wine tour of Cyprus.

Trip Planner Summary:

  • 10/11 in- person winery interviews
  • 13 tasting sessions
  • 3 trade meetings
  • 6 Vineyard visits
  • 3 IGP regions visits
  • 5 O.E.O.P appellations visits
  • 1 night Lemesos
  • 2 nights pPafos
  • Aprox 800 km travel

Out of program

  • Vineyard trail riding shotgun in farm utility vehicle