A journey of wine fulfilling expectations

A journey of wine fulfilling expectations

Cypruswine can call Bordeaux as new port of call for tastings

La cité du Vin knows a real success of visitor attendance

As yet another milestone to be fulfilled for the stunning wine museum at the port of Bordeaux and with no less than a week to go, La Cité du Vin, is soon to reveal the exact moment when it surpasses the 1 million mark of visitors having shared it’s epic journey of wine.

Our mission is to make the living and universal heritage of wine accessible to the broadest possible audience by offering a fresh, innovative perspective

La Cité du Vin

It’s a journey of wine, so inclusive and global in perspective, that sits as a landmark, as an enhancer of relationships between regions transcending culture, religion and customs – a link to the land, an ancestral past and winemaking present, as an excellent substrate of interest and reciprocate understanding.

In the last year of collaboration for Cyprus, there hasn’t ever been a better location to engage people around a common interest with the single scope of strengthening a common heritage and geographical origin that has yet to forge itself a regional identity.

As winegrowing partner organization with the interest of winemaking and vinegrowing from Cyprus, there remains the drive for a continued participation in sharing something so tangible that is the emerging wine qualities of Cyprus.  Represented by 11 partner wineries at La Cité du Vin,  this constitutes a valuable group of Cyprus Wine Ambassadors.

And as the epic journey forges ahead towards new milestones, it remains valuable to recognize and in someway pay homage to those that participated early on. Making it through years of planning and visionary outlook, we thus express our gratitude with the hope of a continued and sustained collaboration in the years to come.

Credits: News shared and to watch by Coté Chateaux – France 3