In the name of Age worthiness, a Tribute to Xynisteri

And the winner is......Xynisteri
11th Cyprus Wine Competition Results
Ayia Napa – 21st April, 2018

Remakes can turn out to be better versions of the original story. If one goes by revisiting and comparing results from the last editions, there are two aspects that at the helm of the Cyprus Wine Competitions that can be evidenced:  (i) qualitative domination of Commandaria and (ii) the premium given to age.

What difference can a year possibly make? The difference weighs itself in the size of gold.

Take it as a signal that age-worthiness has come of age, and has manifested itself in the clearest examples to-date from the results of the judging at the 11th Cyprus Wine Competition, as evidenced by the award ceremony last saturday 21st of April, 2018.

National wine competitions have a bigger role than that of being a seasonal tally of medals and certificates of achievement for wines. For the industry and most of all, to the consumer, wine competitions have to become full-proof indicators of how wines will behave in time and also how the sum of all wines participating can reflect, not only a state of being of an industry, but also a imprint a certain mark of character and origin through the evolution of wines in time.

The rematch of Commandarias, is an occasion to promote a deeper understanding about how varietal sweet wines behave so as to detect trends in the maturity of vintages, and also subtle remark the differences between styles.  Commandaria wine requires a special attention and re-categorization of judging, an amendment to contemplate for future editions of the competition so as to reflect value-added and subtleties between vintages but also  to overcome the variability of judges as a factor of influence. If not, how else can one explain that a 2002  vintage of Commandaria white sweet Xynisteri, scores to the roof in this edition compared to last year edition while competing against the same wines.

Rushing wines to the competition should not be a lottery, it’s evident that the competition was created and still favours judging of younger wines just released in the market – while this may be ok for Cyprus rosés – it’s not so for all other wines, sweet or dry.  Voluntary or involuntary, this years entry of Petritis 2016 Xynisteri could finally consolidate the trend in winemaking and judging of still wines for aged national white varieties, such as Xynisteri and Promara – Age, being also a virtue for these varieties that adds to the portfolio of styles.  It is noticeable that Promara was a relevant absent, such as Yiannoudi, from this years competition.

Finally, while it may come as no surprise, it seems that merit for one’s quality work will in time be highlighted, in this occasion and in the case of Sophocles Vlassides and his team, with heighten competition from Sodap. It’s our wish to see that the awards help with energy and satisfaction of the recognition, to continue on the successful path that was set for the future – Congratulations to them and all participants as well as organisers in this years edition.